Zach Northernscold

      ZachNorthernscoldProgram Director

      Hello! My name is Zach Northenscold, I am 23 years old and I am the Program Director at Camp J.I.M. I like to tell people that I am just a glorified game guy, but in all honesty my position entails much more than that. Throughout the year I am in charge of the retreats that we run, such as Teen Retreat, Ladies Retreat, Ascended Rally, and our summer time youth camps. I’m also directly responsible for the hiring and training of our summer staff, including our cooks, counselors and DIT’s (Disciples in Training).  My family consists of my parents, 8 siblings, two dogs, a few fish and a couple cats. My mom and dad are amazing models of what being a Christian looks like, and aside from Christ, they are the ones whom I strive to be like. On Sundays I attend church at a place called Pointway, a wonderful church with a wonderful community that has partnered with camp in the last couple years during the summer time to provide for our campers and our staff.

      I enjoy camp so much because I know this is where God wants me to be. God has allowed me to be a part of Camp J.I.M. in some capacity for the last 16 years. I was a camper for as long as I could, then God lead me to Counseling for two years, then I became an Intern, and now he has me as a member of the full-time staff. I also really enjoy camp because of how God has equipped me to be used by Him. I have a heart for kids, I love hanging out getting to share who Christ is with them, regardless of their age. I believe the best way to share Christ with someone is after you have some fun, laugh with them and start a friendship. At Camp I get to form all sorts of friendships with kids, whether they’re campers or junior staff, and I get to minister to them through that relationship. I absolutely love it and thank God for the chance he has given me.

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