Josh Blackburn


I am 20 years old and love playing instruments and being outdoors. I have a large extensive family due to my being blessed to be adopted by my parents, Vaughn and Joy Blackburn. I have six sisters and two brothers total between my biological and adoptive family. I graduated high school with a GED this past year, then came to counsel the summer here at camp. I heard about camp due to my father being a speaker for their summer camp. When I was old enough, I then became a high school staff, then counseled these last two summers (2018 and 2019). During this summer, I felt God calling me to be an intern, and, so, I applied and here I am! Yay! I hope to learn a lot about how camp works, as well as experience the many ways that God can use me in ministry, and if it is my calling to work in ministry full time. After my internship I plan to go back to the Twin Cities and look for work as well as take online classes through Oak Hills Christian College.

My favorite book of the Bible is Romans, and my  favorite Bible verse is my life verses, which is Joshua 1:7-9.