Cedar Lodge

Back Deck and Fire Exit 



  • Our new beautiful indoor chapel seats 250 plus people.
  • Each cabin has a separate shower, sink, and  toilet. Please provide your own towels.
  • Each room contains 10 beds – 1 full size bed and 9 single mattresses. We do not provide bedding. 
  • The kitchenette contains a fridge, microwave, and sinks – but no stove.
  • Fully equipped sound/visual room. Let us know what you need and we will set that up for you.
  • Emergency fire exit.
  • Beautiful deck that is located in the back with picnic tables.


Showers/Toilet/Sink & Mirrors

Fireside Room



  • This Kitchen does not have accessable stove or oven. This kitchen is only used for storage and warming food. 

A/V & Sound

More information coming soon.  In the meantime please contact us with any questions:

Phone (line 1): (218) 829-6767
Phone (line 2): (218) 828-6428