Father Son Advance

 For men ages 8 and up!

September 23-27, 2020


Who: Dads, guardians, mentors, uncles bringing a young man/men ages 8 and up to a fun, bond making, iron sharpening, meat eating event,  Why- Because real men don’t retreat, we advance!

When: September 25-27, 2020


Adult men ages 19 and up $70

Young men ages 8 – 18 $30


New for 2020:

  • Sling shot/wrist rocket range
  • Game room
  • Black light games


  • Real meat cooked over open fire!
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Archery
  • Crafts
  • Rollercoster waterslide
  • Speleo Boxes
  • Group games
  • Archery Tag
  • Laser tag
  • Ga-Ga ball
  • Carpet ball
  • Air rifles
  • 22 rifles
  • Archery
  • And much more…

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Our Speaker:



Check back soon, updated regularly.

What to bring:

  • Sleeping bag or bedding for a single bed
  • Pillow
  • Towel and toiletries (shampoo, soap,)
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Flip flops
  • Swim wear
  • Good shoes for outdoors
  • Rain gear
  • Jacket
  • Bible
  • Notebook
  • Pen or pencil
  • Flashlight
  • Snack money for the snack shop
  • Optional favorite fishing lure if you want to try some fishing.

Dietary needs

Let us know if you have any special diet concerns, we have gluten and dairy free options available!

Campers can also have access to a refridgerator and microwave for food they would like to bring.  (please clearly label food with campers full name).

Please contact us if you have ANY questions, we would love to help! camp@campjim.org or call 218-829-6767


What are the cabins like?

All our cabins have bathrooms, showers, heat and air conditioning.

They are carpeted and located within 200′ of a basement or storm shelter.

What do I do if I find my camper lost something?

Contact the office via phone 218-829-6767 or email ccamp@campjim.orgpwith name, contact, item discription and where camper thinks he/she may have lost it.  We will contact you back and if found return it to you at your expense.  

All lost and found items are disposed of after 30 days.


Policies and what not to bring

  • All campers must attend all required activities like meal time and chapels.
  • Do not bring firearms, fire works or alchol of any kind.

Ready to join the fun?