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Winter Teen Retreat (Grades 6th-12th)

2023 Details Coming Soon...

Join Teens from across the state for frozen fun.

Check in starts at 6 p.m. on Friday first session begins at 7:30 pm. The retreat ends at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

We will also be bringing back seminars on Saturday a list of those and their leader can be found below.

We will be splitting the ages of 6th-8th grade and then 9th-12th grade for the session times.

We, of course, still provide caring, trained adult staff, as well as supervised activities.

So, come and enjoy time with your friends playing games, going tubing, playing broomball or taking a ride down the ultimate ice slide.

We will have awesome worship time, great food and so much more!


The cost is only $85 per camper for the whole weekend.

Space is limited, so get your registration in sooner rather than later!

Youth leaders coming with three or more campers come for FREE!

Youth leaders must complete free ministry safe online training and attend orientation when they arrive.

For more info or to register call 218-829-6767 or email us at

Speakers TBD

This year's speaker: TBD

This Year's Speaker: TBD



What To Bring:

– Sleeping bag or bedding for a single bed

– Pillow

– Towel and Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap,)

– Toothbrush and Toothpaste

– Winter clothing – Coat, Boots, Hat, Mittens, Snow pants

– Bible

– Notebook

– Pen or Pencil

– Flashlight

Dietary needs

  • Let us know if you have any special diet concerns, we have gluten and dairy free options available!
  • Campers can also have access to a refrigerator and microwave for food they would like to bring (please bring clearly labeled food with full name on package).

Please contact us if you have ANY questions, we would love to help! or call 218-829-6767


  • All medications must be in original containers.
  • Emergency inhalers and epi pens may be carried by camper with parents permission.  Nurse must record camper having those items.
  • Campers with a fever cannot attend camp without a Dr’s note.
  • Campers with certain medical conditions like contagious illness or pregnancy must have a Dr. note.
  • OTC medications must be turned in to the nurse.  Campers may go to nurses as needed.

About Our Staff

We are committed to providing a safe, quality and affordable camp experience.  This starts with our counselors.

  • All counselors are previous summer staff that have completed references, work history and thorough interviews.
  • Completed background checks
  • Completed “Ministry Safe” sexual abuse prevention and response training.
  • Each counselor works with up to 8 campers per cabins. Most of the time with a counselor in training.


What Are The Cabins Like?

All our cabins have bathrooms, showers and heat.

They are carpeted and located within 200′ of a basement or storm shelter.

Can I write or call my camper during camp?

 We encourage that you bring mail on the day of registration for Arctic Blast. We will do a mail call on Saturday.  

We discourage calls as it may cause home sickness, but you are welcome to contact the office 218-829-6767 and we will connect you with your child.

Can my child attend special events during camp if I come and pick them up.  Things like sports, medical appointments, etc?

Yes, Just talk to the registration staff and they can provide you with the form you need so that your child can be picked up and dropped off at prearranged times.  

What do I do if I find my camper lost something?

Contact the office via phone 218-829-6767 or email with name, contact, item description and where camper thinks he/she may have lost it.  We will contact you back and if found return it to you at your expense.  

All lost and found items are disposed of after 30 days.

Policies and What Not To Bring

  • All campers must attend all required activities like meal time and chapels.
  • Cell phones are not allowed at camp.  If one is found it will be turned into the office for safe keeping and returned at end of the weekend.  It is our desire that campers are able to “unplug” during the week allowing them to fully experience camp and all it has to offer.  Not having cell phones removes distractions, increases safety and prevents inappropriate pictures from being posted.  If your camper needs to call home they can ask their counselor and arrangements can be made.
  • NO drugs, alcohol, magazines, pornography, e-cigarette devices, fireworks, smoke bombs, duct tape, weapons of any kind, knives, music, i pods, mp3, mp4 or related items are allowed.
  • Do not bring clothing with vulgar writing, nudity. We will ask you to change if you show up with the above listed.
  • Bullying and fighting is absolutely forbidden and campers will be sent home if it persists at the parents expense, no refund will be provided.
  • Sexual harassment is forbidden including but not limited to “unwanted physical touch, cat calling, name calling”.  Campers will be sent home at parent/guardians expense, no refund will be provided.