Cub Waterslide19


Camp JIM has a unique wooden roller coaster. It was built to enjoy the waterfront. This is the only one that is built in the state of MN!



This is our newest activity that we have on camp! Do you want to take a stroll around camp, or around the area? Well, you can call camp and get more additional information about our Fatbikes.

*Call for more information


Do you like to play volleyball, basketball, dodgeball or any other game? Well you can use our gym. It is open all year round.



*Call for more information, this is a seasonal activitity. 

*Archery Tag

*Call for more information


If you enjoy the cold, come and excperience our awesome tubing hills!


Diving Tower 19


Come dive into our lake and have fun with your group!


Disc Golf

We have a 9-hole course that we have that is around the rec field. We have a map to help guide you along the way.  We have discs if your group doesn’t have any.

*Call for more information


Rec Field

Come and enjoy some rec field games from soccer to ultimate frisbee, to tag, and so many more actitvites you can play with your group!



Have you ever played four square? Well, 9 square is the same just up in the air. If your group enjoys some competitive games, then this is a fun game to play.


*Bubble Ball

*Call for more information

*Additional Cost

Also Available: 

Speleo Box: – Free

Squeeze Box: – Free 

Pontoon – Call for additional information

Carpet Ball (Gameroom) – Free

Air Rifles – Free



Paddle Boats, Kiakes, Canoes

Come and relax in one of our boats! We have things from paddle boats, to kiakes, to Canoes.

*Call for more information

laser tag

*Laser Tag

*Call for additional information

Cub Camp 19

Arts & Crafts

Come enjoy some time in the arts and crafts room. You can do things from coloring, to painting, working with yarn, etc.



We have a gameroom filled with old and new games for your group to come and enjoy. We have from bubble hockey to carpet ball to air hockey and even ping pong! It’s available both in winter and in the summer months.


*Black Light Dodgeball

*Call for more information

For More Information Please call us at (218)-829-6767

More information coming soon.  In the meantime please contact us with any questions:

Assistant Director: Frank Sando 

Phone (line 1): (218) 829-6767