After youth camps and retreats we receive many stories telling how God worked in the lives of campers while they were here. This page is dedicated to sharing those stories with you. If you have a testimony of God’s work that you would like to share with others please email it to camp@campjim.org. Thanks!

“Our three youngest, Aaron, Adam, and Alex were planning to attend the weekend youth retreat at Camp JIM. There were seven young people from the church planning to attend. On Thursday before the retreat, Alex became ill. He would not be able to attend the weekend. The fees had already been paid. So, we had Adam invited one of his friends from school. Ethan agreed to go to the retreat. Ethan and his familyhave sporadically attended another church in the area, but Ethan was not enthusiastic about attending church. When it came time to attend chapel at camp, Ethan thought this would be another “boring service” like the church services at his church. But it wasn’t. It was engaging and interactive. The speaker spoke to the needs of teens and the music was uplifting and encouraging.

As I picked the kids up after the weekend, all of them including Ethan could not stop talking about the fun they had. On Monday, Denise received a message from Ethan’s mom thanking us for the great weekend that Ethan had. She said that he kept on talking about Camp and what a great time and all the things they did and the things that he learned in the chapels and seminar sessions.”

– Pastor Paul DeVall (parent)

“My nephew who is from south Minneapolis went to camp last week and he wasn’t really sure about all this “church business”” he claimed it just wasn’t his thing. But when I asked him what he learned when he was in chapel he said “I learned that Jesus died for me!” THANK YOU THANK YOU
Camp JIM for planting the seed! I can’t wait to watch how the Lord waters it and makes it grow!
Praise the Lord!!”

- Angie Niemi (aunt)

“Thank you to all the staff for your dedication to the kids who were at the intermediate camp last week! My boys had a blast and can’t wait to come back next year. Special thanks to the D.I.T. in Wolf Ridge 2 Malachi was very sad to leave you, you certainly made a difference to him.”

– Teresa Stroot (parent)

“My son enjoyed camp so much- it was his first year. He is already asking about camp for next year. He has been telling me about the 4 different hearts- and how his heart is the “healthy” heart. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done.

Thank you to his counselor and to the staff at Camp JIM.”

– Jodi Maile (parent)

Winter Teen Retreat 2014
When asked what is one thing they learned from the retreat their reply was…

“God gives us the tools and directions to find the ultimate treasure.”
– Aaron Sutton (camper)

“I learned how important it is to balance everything that I do and to not stretch myself too thinly.”
– Aimee Shculz (camper)

“It doesn’t matter what people think us, it only matters what God thinks of us. We are who He says we are.”
– Heather Strong (camper)

“My Identity is defined not by my talents or what I do, but by my loving father in Heaven.”
-Tyler Eliason (camper)